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Hello. I apologize before hand if my critique seems odd, because honestly this is my first one given on dA. However being an art major,...


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I don't do Commissions. My art isn't good enough to ask for money.

I don't do Art-Trades because anything I want drawn I can draw myself.

I don't do Requests because I got tired of getting fanservice/OC requests.

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Other people's art were starting to taking more of my time, when I wanted to do pictures of my own. SO I've stopped doing art for other people -- for the most part.

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Random Glee Story 18.

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 28, 2015, 2:50 PM
The Purple Chicken returns.

This one happened to me JUST yesterday. (Saturday, June 27, 2015).  For those who don't remember, Purple Chicken was a girl I knew in both High School and College was an annoying airhead that liked following me around.  Oh, and she never shut up.  For a small time in Uni, Purple Chicken thought she had a crush on me, so much so that my friend Laura had to pretend to be my girlfriend in order for her to back down.  She moved on, dated a guy, and after a while we stopped seeing each other.  Until yesterday.  

So somehow my Dad got roped into going to my sister's work-friend house to change a Bathroom Fan and switch out some old Receptacles (plug outlets) for some new ones.  Because I used to be an Electrician, this meant I got pulled into doing this as well.  You know, instead of spending some cuddle time with my girlfriend, I got to change receptacles.  Just what I wanted to spend my Saturday doing.  (Thanks Jess )  Anyway, this kind of work isn't all that hard, and should have only taken an hour, two tops, but this was an OLD house, so naturally everything we touched had an issue.

Forget all that, I'm not discussing electrical work.  You just need to know why the hell I was at Lowes to begin with.  So my sister's friend, my Dad, and I were at the hardware store buying the new receptacles and fan, when who should I run into?  Ding Ding DIng Ding!  That's right, Purple Chicken!  Someone's paying attention!  Purple Chicken is there with her husband, looking as hot yet vacuous as ever.  There were a bit of awkwardness between us, as the husband probably had no clue that at one point Purple Chicken had considered a girl-on-girl relationship.  Once he takes off to get whatever they were shopping for, Purple Chicken looked relieved.

She thanked me for not bringing up that "we used to be an item" (when we never were), then proceeds to congratulate me for the U.S. Senate passing the legalization of Same-Sex Marriage (like I had anything to do with that).  So we talk about that for a while, and it's not lost on me that Purple Chicken was snooping about, trying to figure out if I was seeing anyone.  So I make a point to mention Mia several times.  Purple Chicken then congratulates me for that (for having a girlfriend?) then asks if we're going to get married. 

This question sort of has been on everyone lips since the Senate passed gay marriage.  Everyone keeps asking Mia and I if we're going to tie the knot.  In fact, because of the passing of this, it's the first time that Mia and I seriously had a talk about it.  We did before, but only in a joking sense.  I don't know how it is for other gay couples, but in a way not being able to get marriage was a bit of a safety net.  Mia and I have been together for over two years and we practically lives together anyway.  So being married wouldn't change a thing.  It's just the idea of it.  I'm sure many straight couples have felt like this too.  Being married means... you're married!  lol.  So both Mia and I have sort have been forced to deal with the issue RIGHT NOW.  For the record, we both have no clue what we want to do.  We don't want to get married just because we can, but at the same time... we practically are already.  

Anyway, we don't really know what to think, and certainly having Purple Chicken question me in the middle of Lowes wasn't helping.  While I'm having a minor freak out, Purple Chicken started talking about her perfect ife with her perfect husband and their perfect weekend projects... it was like she was trying to tell me she had gotten over me.  (Seriously, it really sounded that way)  I just wanted to gag.  She asks me if I still do art, which I tell her I do.  Then just as she's about to return to her life, Purple Chicken says to me:  "You know, sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if we became a real couple."  I knew it.  She was kinda flirting with me.  

I start to get a bit uncomfortable, but she just laughs it off.  It got really awkward after that, as now I'm stressing out over the marriage thing and Purple Chicken hitting on me.  It got so awkward that Purple Chicken actually had to think of an excuse and run away, which I was relieved.  We said goodbye and separate politely.  Meanwhile my brain was about to explode from that airhead once again, and I felt like I was in uni all over again.  No Laura to shield me this time.

So that's my latest Purple Chicken story.  It's not as exciting as the first one, BUT I thought everyone would appreciate it.

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Hello, friend. I just wanted to stop by to tell you something important that needs to be said, just in case no one else says it.

X You're not any of the following:
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Thanks?  Now that I know I'm not stupid, I can finally finish that sandwich I left in the fridge.  I can do this!  I'm LOVED!
SamuraiEchidna Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Yeah, just a chain comment I started. Just letting people I like know how awesome I think they are. No big deal. :)
You finish that sandwich, girl! You got the power! :XD:
daredevinho Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
So, what are your thoughts on Obama? The man, the leader, the father, the american citizen, etc?
Glee-chan Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm a registered democrat, I'm socially liberal on most things, but.... I don't like Mr. Obama as President.  The President is often praised for all the liberal causes that have been passing through (most recently Gay marriage), when the man has done nothing to make it happen.  It was congress and the senate that deserve all the credit.  The most the President did was stay out of there way.  He was very calculated beforehand to not promote any social causes that were seen as controversial and was (and is) quick to take credit for other people's work.  It's a typical politician move, but coming from the President who's being presented as one of the people, it's bullshit.  He's quick to blame others within his administration if something goes wrong (I'm not forgetting him throwing Mrs. Clinton under the bus when Benghazi happened), but is the first in line to take credit when something good happens (when Osama Bin Ladin was killed using tactics from the previous administrative).  

So yeah.  I don't like that guy.  He's just in it for popularity.  He puts on a smile for the cameras, appears on TV talk shows like he's a celebrity, and bad mouths ex-Presidents like Clinton and Bush.  (Not once as Mr. Bush said anything negative about Mr. Obama's administration, or the man.  Not once.  It's because he respects the office.  Meanwhile Mr. Obama takes pop-shots at him whenever possible).  I'm not going to stand up and praise him for staying out of the Senate way.  I was waiting for him to lead the way 8 years ago for this... like his campaign "claimed" he stood for (be he personally never did until after the fact).  

Fuck him.  I can't wait until he's out of office.  Hillary Clinton might be a two-faced bitch, but at least she's upfront about it.  
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