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I don't do Commissions. My art isn't good enough to ask for money.

I don't do Art-Trades because anything I want drawn I can draw myself.

I don't do Requests because I got tired of getting fanservice/OC requests.

Other people's art were starting to taking more of my time, when I wanted to do pictures of my own. SO I've stopped doing art for other people -- for the most part.

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Random Glee Story.

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 26, 2015, 10:42 AM
The Legend of Christina and the Janitor.

When I was in High School, I used to dress in a goth/punk fashion.  It wasn't like I was emo and hung out with people who dress similarly to me (as there were only two other people in the school who did, and both of them were douchebags), it's just what I liked doing.  Think of early Avril Lagvine mixed with Jeff Hardy and the Crow and that was me.  

The reason I'm telling you this is because the way I dressed placed me into a Bad Girl category, even though I was a straight As student and the worst thing I did (up until that point) was doodle in class when bored.  When I went home, I watched anime, listened to j-pop, played video games, and watched Star Trek and Buffy.  Clearly I was a menace to society.

So it all began one day after school.  I was hanging out the cafeteria with a friend, waiting to do some drama thing.  We were by this big window, and it was filthy with all these smudge marks on it - hand prints and all that.  So the janitor comes up to us, singles me out, and starts complaining about how I need to stop ruining her windows, that she has to wash them everyday because of me.

Now, up until that day I rarely was at that window, I usually hung out in the art/drama room or sat somewhere else.  I was just chilling with my friend.  So I politely told her (as polite as a 17 year old can get) that I didn't dirty her window, and that my hands weren't even the right size as the huge finger print marks on the window.  

But she just kept on me for some reason.  Talking about how she knew it was me, and that she knew I did other things as well.  So I got pissed.  I slapped my hand to the window, pulled it away, and showed her the new smudge.  She got mad, and ignored the obvious smaller finger prints I left.  She told me I was going to clean the window.  I told her to "Fuck off, that's not my job."  (Did I mention I was 17?)  

Anyway, that's how the war started.  From then on, she was on my ass about everything.  Mostly it was stuff I didn't do, but after a while I started doing things just because I was getting blamed for it anyway.  I'd stomp a bunch of dirty clots from my boots all over the halls,  splash water all over the girl's restroom, throw paper and chunks of food all over the place.  I was a real bitch.  BUT a smart one.  No one ever saw me do these things, especially the Nazi Janitor Lady.  

One day I was staying after school for another reason.  (I couldn't tell you what, to be honest... I was in the art and drama club, and I did some tutoring on the side... so I was around a lot.)  The school was pretty empty that day, especially the cafeteria.  I had time, and no one was around.  So my greatest prank of all would take place.

Every table in the room I turned on it's side and placed them horizontally up.  On top of each table I stacked as many chairs as I could, and with the chairs remaining, I placed them on the vending machines (except for the ones I was using for ladders)  Then I turned the four couches up on their sides as well, and placed the coffee tables on top of them.  And lastly I went to the window and marked the shit out of it.

It was hilarious and I'm kind of surprised I didn't break my neck doing it.  The next morning everything was back to normal, but there was a rumor going around about the state of the room the previous day.  Some students and even some teachers had seen it, or else watched the Janitor Lady have to fix it.  So the whole day was filled up with this mystery of "who did it?"  Of course those around me had a suspicion that I had, but I was back to being innocent.

So around lunch I'm in the art room playing around with some friends.  (The art and drama teacher was the same, so basically all my friends/hobbies where in that room)  The teacher is present also, she usually let us eat there if we wanted.  The Janitor comes bursting in and starts on this tirade about how she knew it was me, that she was taking me to the principal, and that she'd get me suspended.  She going on and on, when my art teacher said "Why are you blaming her?  Yesterday she was in here?"

It wasn't a lie.  I did go into the art room later.  BUT my teacher knew full well I wasn't in the room for that long.  So she really was standing up for me.  She knew that I was a good girl (in her class), made straight A's.  She also was one of the few sympathetic towards me due to being stereotyped (both as a trouble maker for how I dressed, and the lesbian issue).  Anyway, with a teacher now backing me, the Janitor flipped out and stormed out the room.

No one ever knew who really did the prank, as I didn't say a word until I was in university.  The few HS friends that came to my uni found out about it, but by then it was old news and everyone sort of made up their mind that it was probably me.  As for the Janitor, she never said a word to me after that.  She stopped pestering me, and I stopped my pranks.  (I couldn't top the cafeteria one, so why bother).

The moral of the story is... uh... I was an asshole 17 year old who was picking on some poor lady who had a shitty job?  Or... don't judge a book by it's cover, because you might turn that book into the very thing you feared?  I don't know!  

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Blackbird2 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
You know, I just realized I've faved a LOT of your pics and enjoy your art style and yet I haven't been watching you.  Consider that oversight fixed!  Look forward to getting updates on all your awesome art from now on!
Glee-chan Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much.  I hope you're not disappointed.  
Blackbird2 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I highly doubt I will be.  Honestly there are many times I'd love to see my chars in your TTish style but completely understand why you don't do requests.  So I'll continue to dream.
DukeyDukeyDoo Featured By Owner 3 days ago
You don't take requests? :(
Glee-chan Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, I don't take them anymore.
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