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Other people's art were starting to taking more of my time, when I wanted to do pictures of my own. SO I've stopped doing art for other people -- for the most part.

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Random Glee Story 8.

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 27, 2015, 2:01 PM


After the last story, people were pretty curious about Laura, so I thought I'd share some stories about her.   For those who don't remember, Laura was the serial cheater girl who pretended to be my girlfriend for over a month to keep Purple Chicken off my back.  Generally she was just one out of many from this big group I was the center of attention in back in Uni.

The two of us had a unspoken bond for some reason.  Everyone knew she was slutty and sort of treated her like that. I mean they were nice, but there always was this judgmental part to it.  BUT I wasn't really like that.  I had come to know another side of her, one that wasn't a skank.

Before I knew about anything about her, Laura had always been really sweet to me beforehand, and really had NO reason to be.  Like I said before, when I entered Uni, for some odd reason people gravitated towards me and I ended being the center of this big group.  We didn't really hangout or anything after school all that much, but for some reason they clustered around me.  This was the time that people started thinking I was WAY cooler than I was, mainly because I dressed weird and had a mysterious nature to me.  Mysterious in that they had no clue what I did once I left school... so they invented these wild tales of all these crazy adventures I was doing when I really was just going home and playing video games.  Years later I found out April, who I'll talk about later, and my sister, who hadn't transferred to the wild-life rehabilitation school yet, were actually fueling some of those rumors.

Anyway, back to Laura.  She became important to my life one day when she just happened to be at the right place at the right time.  I just was moments away from one of the hardest break ups I ever experienced in my life.  I literally walked from one room into a near empty student center were Laura happened to be.  She saw how devastated I looked, and without saying a word, she took care of me.  She let me cry, she gave me hugs, and she tried to make me laugh.  And from then on out we had a connection. That's why I was always loyal to her.  

We really didn't know each other.  We just were in the same circle.  And now that I think about it, we didn't bother to get to know each other more than that.   Regardless, she aways looked out for me after that, and I did the same for her when I could.  Once everyone found out about what happened, she stepped back because now I had way too much attention.  But I never forgot what she did.  I could hang out with her and not really talk about much of anything (we didn't have any of the same interests) and feel fine.  That's the best thing about her.  

After building Laura up so much, you'd think I was good friends with her and that I have some great stories about her.  But the truth is I don't have much else to tell you.  But what I do have, I'll share now.

She spent a week at my house because she was evicted from the apartment she was in once.  She shared my room and didn't mind sleeping in bed with me.  I remember she was afraid of the dark, so she'd want to sleep with a night-light on.  But most of the time she was out with one of her many boyfriends.  She only stayed for dinner a few times and slept at my house a maybe 3 times.  She liked getting on my computer, and having me type for her in chat-rooms because she couldn't type.  I turned her on to messing around with guys.  We'd pretend that we where interested in some horny ass hole, have them send embarrassing pictures of themselves, then when they asked for Laura's picture, we'd send them a picture of a gross fat dude with a small erection.  She thought that was so funny.  

One other story I have is a period of two weeks where Laura worked as a model for my drawing class.  My professor wanted us to learn body-forms and was looking for a model.  I mentioned it to the group in passing, not thinking anything of it.  In fact, I think I told them because I was joking around about how'd I'd get to see a hot naked chick for two weeks.  Afterwards Laura asked if it was okay if she applied for the job.  She knew it might be awkward between us if she just did it and didn't ask me.  I told her it was cool, but didn't really expect she'd get it.  When my professor said he wanted a model, I just thought he was going to get a professional one.  

Turns out a school model was cheaper and there was Laura.  A great two weeks, btw.  When she got breaks, she'd put a robe on and went over to look at everyone's pictures.  It was her playful nature that made her do it, she liked intimidating the men in the class.  But she always ended up hanging out with me.  She told me that she liked my drawing the best and when I rolled my eyes at that she said "It's because you know me.  You're one of the few that drew my face and you put emotion behind it."  I hadn't realized I did that, but she was right.  Most everyone was focused on her body and I was drawing everything.  She also was pleased that I added body imperfects and such as others didn't.  I suspect they were scared she'd come around and look at their pictures, then pick on at them.  She said my pictures were more honest.  

One Halloween she came to school as a sexy maid.  Another girl named Jessica did as well, and for some reason the two of them decided to followed me around and pretend to be my servants.  That Halloween I dressed like a normal girl as a costume, since people wondered what I'd look like not all goth'd out.  Apparently I looked weird because they weren't used to me like that, yet they all kept saying I was cute.  So pick one!  I have to admit it was awesome having two hot maids trailing me that day.  Jessica was getting more into it than Laura though.  She broke off when one of her boyfriends came along, but Jessica played the part well into the party we both went too that night. 

And THAT should be everything.  Like I said, Laura wasn't a close friend, just someone who got me.  The few nights she spent the night, I got the impression that if I made a move on her, she wouldn't have cared.  But I've never liked the idea of taking advantage of straight girls.  Besides April tempted me far worse than Laura ever did... but that is another story.

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