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I don't do Commissions. My art isn't good enough to ask for money.

I don't do Art-Trades because anything I want drawn I can draw myself.

I don't do Requests because I got tired of getting fanservice/OC requests.

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Other people's art were starting to taking more of my time, when I wanted to do pictures of my own. SO I've stopped doing art for other people -- for the most part.

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Very few of you know this, but for the last three days or so, I've been in the hospital.  Don't worry, I'm fine.  My girlfriend's Mom needed surgery on her stomach, so I was mainly there for support.  Today she was allowed to come home, so I'm off of "supportive-gf" duty.  (Well for the most part).

So her surgery was scheduled on Tuesday, in the middle of all that fallout from the Trump/Clinton election.  I firstly woke up completely surprised Clinton didn't win, but not for the same reasons others were shocked by.  I felt that she had completely owned the media these past two years, both on TV and Online.  Social media was nothing but Clinton supporters, and you couldn't go a day without hearing some random story about what Trump did in 1992 to some gorilla wearing a sundress.  It was just everywhere.  I thought Clinton had it won because of all that exposure, even if I have a circle of right-wing friends who thought differently.  So when Trump won, I thought "did he really win, or does it look like he won?"  I didn't believe it fully until I was in the waiting from in a Norfolk Hospital watching CNN.

As many of you know, if you're going to the hospital for something scheduled, that never is on time.  So we showed up at 8am (because she's supposed to be prepped at 9, but we had to check in) and Mia's mother didn't go in for her actual surgery until 1pm.  So we literally had nothing to do but watch CNN freak out.  

And I mean it, CNN was freaking.  It wasn't that they were upset that Trump won, it was more that they were baffled that they were soooooo wrong.  It was actually hilarious watching it, at least for me anyway.  As many of you remember from previous journal posts, I didn't like either candidate and was not invested at all in the outcome.  My person was Bernie Sanders, and he was screwed by his own party and not allowed to run.  So that's where my mindset was coming from.  Watching CNN implode on themselves was funny.  It doesn't hurt that Mia is right-leaning anyway, and she was kind of basking in her victory.  (She can be so cute when she gets all cocky).

Politics aside, my gf's mom's surgery lasted for like three hours, but the recover time was insane.  It wasn't until 5pm that we were finally taken to her room, where she was drugged out of her mind with pain meds.  We stuck around until 7pm, then decided to drive the hour and a half trip back home before it got too late.  Of course it was raining and pitch black with horrible traffic.  Mia's sister decided to stay at the hospital.  When we got home, I cooked for Mia and her dad, then we kind of all passed out.  It was a restless sleep for everyone though.  I think we just gave the illusion of sleep.

The next morning, we drove back to Norfolk, this time I brought my chromebook.  Social media was going apeshit, this time.  But I also thought President Obama showed some real class the day before.  He said that it was time for the nation to come together, heal, and to give Trump a chance.  For his part, he was going to make the transition as smooth as possible.  Since then he's been doing just that.  So that's what I've been telling people.  He's leading by example, and we shouldn't demonize Trump before he's even done anything.  So I decided to follow my President's advice and give the man the benefit of the doubt.  

So most of my responses to videos and the like were reminding people of what both the President and Clinton said in her concession speech.  It doesn't help anyone to act like this and just makes the losing side look like poor spoiled-sports.  I pointed out that we had 8 years, and it's only fair that the other side have their chance to play.  And if Trump really is as bad as people make him out to be, he still has to go through congress.  Even if they are a majority of right-wingers, most of them are moderates.  So these crazy extremes people are talking about aren't going to be passed.  That's just common sense if you sit down and think about it. 

Anyway, back to the hospital.  Mia's mom was in and out of her pain med, so it was really kind of boring to sit in that room with nothing to do but look at depressing videos of people losing their shit.  So Mia and I explored the hospital whenever her mom was sleeping.  We found this cozy waiting room that was pretty empty most of the time, and hung out there.  After making out some, we got a guest so we had to stop.  

The TV was on Fox News (because Mia was tired of CNN by that point and wanted to know how the right-wingers were handling the election).  The guest, a white late-30s something woman, just lost it on seeing the TV.  She was left to the extreme.  She start spouting off many of the things I'm sure you've all been running into since the election.  How Trump was racist, how the LGBT community should be running for the hills, how abortions were coming back, and that it was misogynistic white men who were to blame for this.  

Mia should have left well enough alone, but didn't.  She pointed out that she was voted for Trump, and obviously wasn't any one of those things.  This woman went off on her.  I mean it.  She started calling her racist and a homophobe when... uh... we just were making out, and she's Korean.  The woman just went insane.  Mia fought back (because she has a temper), saying that not everyone falls into the categories that the media has created.  She also pointed out that if people understood that, then they wouldn't be so shocked that Trump won.  Just because she was a minority and gay didn't mean Clinton could automatically count on her vote.  The same was true for all demographics.  

Anyway, before a fight fight happened, because by that point they really weren't listening to each other, I got Mia out of there.  She was fuming for the next few hours, and not really in a good mood when we were driving back home around 7pm.  This time Mia's Dad went to bed without eating (no one really slept for the last two days), while I tried to calm Mia down by watching some comedy before we attempted sleep.  I think my methods in bed worked better...

That being said, this morning we did the whole song and dance again.  Only this time Mia's mom was being released, so the stay was only until 11am.  We got her home, and after she settled in, everyone finally was allowed some real sleep.  No more stress and all that.  Mia was out, poor baby.  We woke up around 5 something, and I cooked dinner for everyone once more.  After that, I finally got some time to myself.  I wrote a chapter and came on here to write about where I've been.  

And that's my story!  It's been a longgggg few days and probably will be a long next week taking care of Mia's mom. Even still, I'm glad the worst of it is over.  For those of you in the know, thanks for your support.  I know I didn't really go into details before, but I just didn't have it in me to explain.  I'll be getting back to drawing yuri perverted pictures in no time.

  • Listening to: Fate - So Hyang
  • Reading: The New Teen Titans: Volume Five
  • Watching: Yes or No?
  • Playing: Tales of Zestiria/ Dragon Age II
  • Eating: Popcorn
  • Drinking: Coka-Cola


Some context to my Andy Hardy picture:
My gf forced me to watch the Netflix miniseries of Gilmore Girls.  If I didn't love her, I'd kill her.
I just found this text-to-speech website.  I should have been using something like this to help me proof-read!  The next chapter I edit (ch15), I'm going to try this out.
I started proof-reading and editing Sukeban 2 today.  The cover picture I finished last night.  We're almost ready to post!
Blackfire's hatred of Starfire is justified.
Komand'r was the first born, but due to an illness, she couldn't tap into her solar-absorption powers well enough in order to fly.  Thus when Koriand'r was born, and had no defects, she was proclaimed the Princess-heir.  Not only that, but both parents heaped all their love and attention on Koriand'r, all the while ignoring an attention starved Komand'r.  Now keep in mind that Tamaraneans are creatures who are fueled by their emotions.  Everything they feel is amplified (which also manifests in their powers).  So Komand'r rejection was just that, a pure rejection.  And the resentment from that built up into utter hatred for Koriand'r, but also for her whole family.  This is where she's coming from, why she betrayed her family, and why she utterly hates Koriand'r.  Looking at her story in this context, you realize that Komand'r was spurned by her family because she was disabled.  That's kind of fucked up, don't you think?


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Your art is so cool ! :la:
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Thanks for the fav!
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Have you had a chance to watch Takeover:Toronto yet? I don't want to spoil anything, but the DIY vs Revival match was good even if the ending was given away by the Dusty Classic. Mickie vs Asuka was good, it's a nice start to a fued hopefully, expecially with them taping NXT in Osaka, I can't wait to here the crowd lose it for Asuka. The Samoa Joe vs Nakamura was the star, if you're not going to watch Takeover, I would still watch that match. Im bias here, because Samoa Joe is one of my all time favorite wrestlers, but that match was a return to form for Joe, it was like the Joe that took on Kurt Angel for the TNA title.
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I don't have the WWE network anymore, but I have Hulu.  I know i get NXT for Hulu (but haven't tried it), but I don't know if I get their "special events" or whatever WWE is calling PPVs now.  Since I lost the network, I've sorta been vaguely following wrestling.  Not as hardcore as I was.  I liked the brand split and was on Team Smackdown for the most part.  Loved it when Styles won, but don't really like the storyline now.  But that's cool, as at least it's not Cena in the main event picture.  I'm appreciating that he's stepping back and only chipping in when the brand needs him too.  He should have started doing this a long time ago, but it's nice he's doing it now.
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You can watch the NXT Takeover events on Hulu, they don't even charge for them, they show up as regular shows, with commercials. I honestly don't know why WWE would just give them, but I'm not complaining. If you have free time with everything happening I would watch it, I think you'll like it.

On a side note, have you been getting trolled by some sending you a list of Obama accomplishments and calling you a white boy? Seems I hurt someones feelings on your political post.
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