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Hello. I apologize before hand if my critique seems odd, because honestly this is my first one given on dA. However being an art major,...


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My name is Christina Lacey. For seven years I was stranded on deviant with only one goal - survive. Now I will fulfill my Watchers' wishes - to draw cliche ecchi fanart pictures based on properties I don't even own. But to do that, I can't be the pervert I once was. To do this, I must become someone else. I must be someone else.

My name is Christina -- and I love girls. (Now down to business)

I don't do Commissions. My art isn't good enough to ask for money.

I don't do Art-Trades because anything I want drawn I can draw myself.

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1. What if...

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 7, 2014, 9:02 PM
What if Buruma married Goku instead of Chichi?

Let's say that after Goku defeated Piccolo at the 23rd Tenkaichi Bodukai, Buruma decided to marry Goku instead of Chichi.  How would this effect Dragon Ball Z?

1.  Goku would be living at Capsule Corp and would be rich.

2.  Buruma certainly would not have a problem with Goku training, and wouldn't insist on him settling down.  

3.  There are no doubts in my mind that Buruma would be recruiting him, along with Kuririn and Yamucha, to go on all sorts of adventures with her.  The gang wouldn't have separated after the tournament, and would have stayed in touch.  As such, Kuririn, Tenshinhan, and Yamucha probably would have started training with Goku.

3.  Gohan would be a completely different person.  Goku would still name his first child after his Grandfather, so the name would stay the same, but I'd imagine him to look more on the lines of Trunks with Buruma's genes.  Also, since Buruma is a super genius, Gohan (who was always smart to begin with) would probably take that trait too.  Along with Buruma allowing Gohan to be trained, he would be an entirely different person.  A smarter fighter, most likely.  This also means Trunks Briefs was never born.

4.  By the time Raditz arrives, Goku, Kuririn, and Yamucha are stronger.  Gohan has basic training himself and might be where Goku was at during the Red Ribbon Arc in Dragon Ball.  Piccolo may have gotten involved in the battle simply because Goku was there.  With this many people around, I believe Raditz would have gotten overpowered.  Goku wouldn't have died (though they all might be injured) and they certainly wouldn't have spilled the beans about the dragonballs.

5.  Let's just say that Vegeta and Nappa are sent to Earth for the same purpose that Raditz had, to discover why Earth wasn't conquered yet.  Goku and gang may have prepared for more aliens after Raditz, so they might be a bit stronger.  However, Goku did not get the same training as he had from the North Kaio-sama.  So no Kaioken or Genki-Dama.  This fight probably was a disaster, with Earth being conquered (unless someone used the dragonballs to wish a miracle victory)  But lets just say that Vegeta barely won  the fight, but was messed up.  Either he left like before, or Kuririn/Yajirobe might have stabbed him while he was injured.  Only Kuririn and Gohan survived this battle as well.  SO Goku is dead this time around, along with Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Chaouzu, and Yamucha.

6.  With her husband dead, Buruma leads the charge to Planet Namek.  Keep in mind that the dragonballs might have been mentioned when Vegeta was around, but there'd be no way he'd understand it, let alone anyone listening on Freeza's in on comprehending that.  So no Freeza or Vegeta (if he's still alive) would be on Planet Namek.  IN the meantime, Kaio-sama trains everyone dead because he fears Vegeta may come back with Freeza.  So everyone trains the same way Goku had in OUR timeline.

7.  Buruma wishes everyone back after they have trained for a sufficient amount of time.  It is my theory that Freeza would come to Earth to finish the sloppy job that Raditz and Vegeta mucked up.  Perhaps Vegeta is still alive, but I doubt it.  With failure like that, Freeza probably had him killed.  The fight with Freeza would be badly, and probably would end up with an utter defeat.  UNLESS Kaio-sama understood that Freeza was coming and requested that one of the dragonball wishes would be to make the Earth Saiya-jins into Super Saiya-jins.   They probably would have to hold off Freeza and the Ginyu until the Earth balls could be found and at the last moment the wish is made.  Goku, with Gohan's help, defeat Freeza and his men.  (or Kuririn is killed again and Goku or Gohan do it naturally)

8.  Because Goku did not go to Planet Yardrat, he did not get the heart virus.  However we can still assume that either Future Buruma or her Future Child came back in time to warn of Dr. Gero's Artificial Humans.  I suspect from this time onward that we're looking at a similar timeline until the end of the Cell Games.  Gohan would have surpassed Goku as a fighter by now, as he is younger, smarter, and has trained all his life.  He probably would have reached Super Saiya-jin 2 before the Cell games and was the one to defeat Cell.  Goku lives, and is probably offered the position as Kami of the Earth as he and Gohan are the Strongest in the universe and Goku has a pure heart.

9.  For the Buu series, Gohan would not have stopped training with his father, now Kami of Earth.  So it's very possible that the two of them have reached Super Saiya-jin 3 by the time the 31st Tenkaichi Budokai comes around.  Especially with all the secrets available to Kami Goku.  Since Goku is still around, (the glue of the group) I doubt Mr. Satan has held the title all this time, if at all.  I'm sure the Z gang have fought here and there, especially Kuririn as he probably needs the money to support Artificial Human Number 18.  So let's just say, he's become the longest reigning World Champion until Kami Goku and Gohan decide to compete in the 31st.  

10.  I suspect the events would go about the same as our timeline, but with Vegeta being dead, Goku being alive, and he having a second child with Buruma, Son Trunks.  Perhaps Kuririn and #18 have Maron earlier than our timeline so Trunks and her are the same age.  With the two of them filling in the roles of Chibi Trunks and Goten, this could be "the next generation", of sorts.  They'd be training to be dragonball hunters and fighters.


SOOOO what do you think?  With a simple marriage change, the whole story kinda becomes different, yet we arrive at the same conclusion, more or less.  We lose Vegeta, Gohan's mentor is his father and Kuririn, Piccolo's role would probably be more or less like Tenshinhan and Yamuchas, as he fades in the background, and it's questionable if Gohan meets Videl.  Chichi possibly could end up with Yamucha, but that's a stretch.  Son Trunks might be be interesting, as he's not the same character as Trunks Briefs.  The real sticky issues is if Vegeta kills everyone and conquers Earth, or if Freeza does.  BUT it could be done as I've pointed out.  

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Found this page through the DCMultiverse group. I must say I like your art style Glee-Chan.

I wonder what your thoughts on the R.E.B.E.L.S. comic DC produced. Other how Starfire was used as...yeah...what happened with Captain Comet was on the same road to how Starfire was in the DCnU.

Though I do wonder if you liked Vrill Dox and Blackfire being together.
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Yeah the day DCMultiverse added my picture, it was like 249 or something crazy.  I went to go join the group but it said I couldn't.  Oh well.

On R.E.B.E.L.S., I didn't really get into them.  I dunno I've never been into the whole Space Team type of thing (I don't even like the Green Lantern Corps) so this didn't really strike me.  It also didn't hurt that a they are kind of more like Gunslingers in the wildwest in that they sort of do anything to get the job done.  It just kinda felt "Eh" to me.  Very C-Team in a way.  That being said, maybe some new light might be shined on them since Guardians of the Galaxy did so well in the movies.  For once DC and leech off of Marvel for a change?
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I counted 97 in the off chance you're interested. ~ C
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