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Hello. I apologize before hand if my critique seems odd, because honestly this is my first one given on dA. However being an art major,...


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I don't do Commissions. My art isn't good enough to ask for money.

I don't do Art-Trades because anything I want drawn I can draw myself.

I don't do Requests because I got tired of getting fanservice/OC requests.

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Other people's art were starting to taking more of my time, when I wanted to do pictures of my own. SO I've stopped doing art for other people -- for the most part.

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Random Glee Story 33.

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 28, 2015, 10:11 AM
Mia pt. II

Let's recap for a second.  Last time I talked about how I met Mia online, and that we arranged to meet each other at a neutral location.  Mia was smart and brought some friends, and I foolishly went on my own.  But it was clear minutes into seeing each other that our precautions were unnecessary.  She was the person I had been talking to for months, and I also was for her.  The only difference was I thought she looked way cuter than the pictures she sent me.  

So our outing was more like a shopping trip with tag-a-longs.  Mia's friends were giving us some space, but were sticking around just in case I turned out to be a creeper.  In some ways I thought I was.  Mia is younger than I am, and I still was iffy on actually going on a date - even if this was sort of one.  I was just getting out of uni and Mia was just starting.  It was Jenny all over again!  (Do I like younger girls?)  But like Jenny, Mia was quick to sense my concern.  For the moment, we were just feeling each other out, but I could tell she liked me even better in person and even though my guard was up I was starting to melt for her too.

If I'm relaxed, I can be pretty funny.  People often say that once I enter a group of people I quickly become the center of attention.  I don't really know if that's true, because I don't like to demand that sort of presence, but I try to keep everyone engaged in conversations.  I don't like leaving people out, and I like making them feel comfortable.  Plus I'm really funny conversationally.  I'm not saying this to kinda ego-boost myself, but I needed to point this out so you can get the sense on where the date was going.  

If Mia was liking me in person, her friends really liked me.  Of course they never met me and probably all had a mental image of what kind of weirdo I might be, since Mia met me online.  But I including all of them in on our date and had them laughing and joking around, and because of that they really warmed up to me.  I wouldn't say I did this on purpose to win them over, but that's what happened.  They liked me, and because of that they were on my side.

So the date went smoothly, even if it was just a shopping trip.  I could tell Mia wanted to spend more time with me alone, but she couldn't ditch her friends, so we had to end it there.  She decided she wanted to meet up the next day to go on a real date.  I said yes without even thinking about it, but when I got home I remembered our age difference again.  The funny thing is that after our date we still got on messenger and talked that night.  She was glowing and really excited, but I thought I should just come out and tell her my concerns and what I was looking for in a girl.

To Mia's credit, she let me ramble on and on, putting my heart out there.  I told her that uni was a great time to find yourself and there were plenty of girls out there if she was looking just looking for fun.  I told her I was at a stage in my life that I wasn't looking for a casual thing.  I pointed out that my school days were abut to end while hers were beginning and that we'd have a different circle of friends.  I went on and on about why we shouldn't work and she just let me go.

When I had finished Mia went:  "Tomorrow, I want to go out and eat steak, is that okay?"  That's Mia.  She's so funny.  Of course she understood my concerns and maybe even shared some of them.  But she knew she liked me and wanted to try going out for real.  With that joke she told me that she was all-in.  

On our date the next night it took a lot for me to just accept that she didn't care about all the reasons why we shouldn't be together.  She knew what she was in for and was opening herself for me and I had to do it for her.  The problem was I had been guarded for so long it was hard for me to let it go.  I was unfair to Jenn and Natalie by keeping my walls up, not allowing them to fully come in.  (With Natalie that probably was a good thing...)  Mia knew enough about me to sense what was going on.  Even after our talk last night I was still being cautious.  Then she said something that still sticks with me... something so heart warming I still remember the inflection of how she said it:  "I'm not going to hurt you.  You're sort of my dream girl."  

You don't even know, you guys!  I probably fell for her right then and there.  Course I couldn't allow myself to believe that, but c'mon, that was the moment!  All this time I had been thinking she was MY dream girl.  I mean, she loves the things I do, she has a quick wit and is funny, and very smart, and is so so very cute.  My friends also like to point out that she's Asian, so that was another tick in her favor.  Maybe they're right, but I honestly wasn't thinking that at the time.  I just thought she was too good for me and wouldn't allow myself to think we'd ever be a couple.  And yet she thought all that about me!  I mean I had the obsessed Natalie, the Transforming-herself to be with me Jenn, and the Psycho Manipulator Amber all think I was awesome.  But Mia liked me in a less superficial way.  From then on, I let down my walls and Mia came in and made herself at home.  We had our first kiss that night.  

It's been over three years that we've been together; my longest relationship.  During that time we've only had one big argument, and it wasn't relationship ending.  (Maybe I'll tell you sometime)  In someways it's like we're still in a honeymoon stage... but for three years!  I don't see us breaking up, we're probably in it for the long haul.  Maybe even marriage in the future!  So that's it.  The saga of the Glee-Romances are over.  Mia is still my girlfriend right now, so I have no new girl-material on that front.  

Next time I might talk about Mia if you want to know more about her, but I'm kind of going to be feeling out the comment section this time.  Maybe you're tired of Glee-romances.  I wonder what stories you're interested in next.  I have plenty to talk about.  Mia stories (fun stories like the Chinese Waitress Story).  The bad jobs I've had.   Some of my phobias.  Embarrassing moments.  My sister's bad choices in boyfriends.  The horrors of working fast food.  Hell, I can even talk about religion, politics, or even things I like concerning entertainment.  I'm curious to see what you'd like to know.  

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