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I don't do Commissions. My art isn't good enough to ask for money.

I don't do Art-Trades because anything I want drawn I can draw myself.

I don't do Requests because I got tired of getting fanservice/OC requests.

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Other people's art were starting to taking more of my time, when I wanted to do pictures of my own. SO I've stopped doing art for other people -- for the most part.

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Now that CBS' Supergirl has wrapped up it's first season, I thought I'd write a journal discussing everything I think is wrong about the show.  Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the show... but when compared to Arrow and Flash, it's a joke.  I wouldn't say it's as bad as Marvel's Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. but it's certainly as bad as Agent Carter.  So let's break it down.  Why isn't Supergirl a better show?

10.  Too many mentors.
-- Kara is a feminist icon (apparently), is a strong independent woman...but she has like 500 mentors.  Every show she needs a pep talk from someone.  The two obvious mentors are Cat Grant and J'onn J'onzz, which okay... one's for Kara while the other is for Supergirl.  Not so fast.  Don't forget Holographic Alura, Texting Clark Kent, James Olsen, and Alex Danvers.  Winn dulls out advise as well.  Kara can't turn a corner without someone giving her a life nugget.  Hell, even the Flash did!  It really makes your hero seem powerful when they can't figure out anything on their own.

9.  No yellow in the shield
--  This is nitpicking, but why can't she have yellow inside the 'S' logo?  I know she's trying to stand out from Superman, but at every point she's being compared to him.  So the yellowless shield really doesn't matter.  She just looks unbalanced color scheme-wise.  Oh, and off topic... if they really didn't want people to draw comparisons between her and Clark, why is she working at a newspaper company?  Just saying.

8.  Soul Survivor of Krypton
--  Here's the thing: way to many people from Krypton.  It waters down Superman's origin.  It's why in the comics if there are other Kryptonians, there aren't FROM Krypton.  This includes Kara.  Kara, while her first incarnation was from Krypton, has since been written to be from a Kryptonian colony that was destroyed when Krypton was... which also made her a soul survivor. You get where I'm going with this?  Now the show has multiple Supermen, and for some reason they haven't taken over the world.  Why?  Even if Clark teamed up with Kara, they outnumber them... and because they'd been on Earth for so long they have all their powers.  So why the living fuck do Astra and Non need to sneak around with all of this Myriad shit?  They don't.  Fort Rozz is stupid, Super Alex killing a Astra is stupid, a warrior like Non being easily defeated but a girl who's just mastered her abilities yet is stupid... it's just all stupid.  All of Kara's rants about how no one understands what it's like to lose Krypton is immediately invalid as half the planet is there with her.

7.  Red Tornado and Indigo dead?!?
-- Yes, I'm bitching about this.  Both characters did have their roots as villains, but then they both changed and became incredible heroes.  Red Tornado is one of the better C-Heroes and became an important member of the Justice League while Indigo was a main character in Outsiders and an important character in Titans!  These two are badass. But Supergirl just kills these people off like it's nothing.  And don't get me started on Bizarro Supergirl.  WTF   Even if the show wanted to keep these characters villains, why kill them off?  Supergirl will need someone to fight in Season Two.  You can't mine Fort Rozz prisoners forever...

6.  Superman is not in the show, but sorta is.
-- C'mon CBS, make up your mind.  I get where they are coming from. It's always the problem with having shows based off of spin-offs.  Where is Superman in a universe where Superman is established.  You immediately have that question as an audience.  CBS' way of dealing with that is... to constantly talk about him.  Yep, that's kinda defeating the purpose.  Yes, they should establish he's in Metropolis, but that's it.  Superman has more of a character in this show than some of the leads, and he's not even there.  Kara's constantly worried about not being him, James always has a story, someone else has to make a comparison.  Well here's something the WWE does: if you don't talk about it, it didn't happen.  Sure, every now and then say Superman exists in this world, but stop talking about him.  It just makes us want to see him, and that's exactly what you don't want.  Once Superman is in the show, it's about him, no matter what you do.  He's always going to be more interesting because he's Superman.

5.  Alex Danvers is Supergirl
-- I love you Lexie Grey, but you're not the hero of the show.  Well, she's not supposed to be at any rate, yet she sorta is.  Alex's only motivation is to help people and her family.  That's it.  And guess what, she comes off more heroic than her showboating sister.  Not only that but Alex never ever loses a fight; even if it's a super villain.  She kicks so much ass it's not even funny!  Meanwhile the show's lead is constantly getting her ass stomped in, waiting for Alex to save her.  Alex killed the MAIN VILLAIN of the show mid-season!  Not only that but had to save Kara once again on the final show of the season.  Tell me why she's not the real Supergirl again?

4.  Feminism is awesome guys!
--  Yes, I'm talking about this.  If there is anything that's going to date the show, it's going to be this.  The problem is other shows with strong female characters don't have to spout off horrible "girl power" slogans in order for the brain dead drooling audience to get that women are powerful.  No, in those shows girls just ARE badass.  All you have to do is look at the cast of Arrow.  Not once has any of those girls had to point out "You just got your ass kicked by a girl" because in that show, it's skill that's important, not gender.  This definitely is a CBS thing.  So much marketing went into Supergirl being a feminist icon that they were so scared the audience wouldn't get it unless they spelled it out.  Well... I get it.  But here's the thing... Supergirl never was the icon of Feminist, dipshits, that was always Wonder Woman!  If you wanted dialogue that had the female empowerment lines, that's Wonder Woman all the way.  Hell, Donna Troy or Cassandra Sandsmark would have worked too.  BUT Supergirl isn't that person.  She's strong, yes, but she's really just a girl-next-door type.  It's against her nature to say things like that, which is why it's cringe worthy when she does.

3.  Winn is Jimmy, and Jimmy is James?
--  The face facts, Winn is Jimmy Olsen.  He's young, plucky, nerdy, and Kara's best friend.  You know, like Jimmy Olsen.  Meanwhile "James" is this slightly older mentor beefcake who's only there as a love interest. Soooo wth?  It's like they wanted Jimmy, but didn't at the same time.  To me this feels like a CBS decision.  Something tells me that Winn started off as being Jimmy, but he wasn't "cool" enough so James was invented.  Don't get me wrong, both actors are fine, but James is not Jimmy. He's Bimmy... a knockoff.

2.  Supergirl (the character)
--  While Kara overall is a sweet loving character, her motivations for being Supergirl suck.  Basically she wants to be better than Clark and for everyone to love her.  She's constantly playing the "look at me card", posing after every good deed.  I realize every hero's motivation is not the same, but attention getting for someone as powerful as a Krytonian really stinks.  Why can't she just want to help people?  You know, like her cousin?  Towards the end of the first season, she starting doing more of that, but for the longest time she was too busy worried about being better than Clark...which she can never be.  Part of the problem is that the writers always have her facing a supervillian who beats the shit out of her every week.  She doesn't seem so Super when everyone she meets is as strong as she is.  The writers barely allow her to be a hero to just stop crime and SAVE people.  The only time she does is if a villain threatens someone...that's it.  Compare that to Flash who felt so guilty after a battle that destroyed part of Central City that he spent his nights rebuilding it.  Stuff like that.  Kara just comes off as a show off weakling.

1.  CBS
-- While a number of these things mentioned can be blamed on the writers or the show producers, I have to believe most of these stupid decisions came from Studio notes. Compare Supergirl with Berlanti's other shows on the CW and you can see the difference.  Supergirl just stinks of a studio trying too had to be modern and cool, while Flash and Arrow just are.  Plus all three DC CW shows don't need to shove trite feminist dialogue in your face in order for you to get female characters are badass...they just are.
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I don't give a fuck about Prince.  I wasn't a fan, and the only way he impacted my live was via the following video:
Sorry if I seem absent everyone.  I've been sick the last few days.  I had a fever off and on throughout the weekend and couldn't really leave bed.  I'm slowly getting over it, but I'm still home sick.  
Whew!  I'm about Mythical Mirage'd out for today!  (Two artworks, two posted chapters, and that long ass glossary!  I need a break!)
Below is Tumblr post I've recently posted explaining what I've been up too lately.  It features concept art and a sneak peek at the story I've been working on: Mythical Mirage Online.  If you're interested check it out.…
I finally set up a Brenda Song Quotes page on Tumblr.  Took me long enough.


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