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Random Glee Story 12.

Journal Entry: Tue May 26, 2015, 11:02 AM

If you have been following these random stories, I've already told you about the legend of Purple Chicken and how she used to follow me around when I got into Uni.  However, she was not the ONLY stalker I had.  Purple Chicken was innocent, but the girl I'm going to talk about today wasn't like that at all.  Get strapped in, this is going to be a LONG story.

I'm going to call my stalker Naomi just to keep it simple.  The reason is because she was so pretty that I based an original character of mine (named Naomi Scott) based on her appearance.  (See Image Below) Naomi was very cute, and is exactly my type physically.  She was short, petite, had short hair, and these light brown eyes that really popped due to the dark complexion of her skin.  So keep in mind that as I'm telling this story I was very attracted to her.

Let me set the scene.  Once again I'm in university.  I can't remember what semester I was in, but by that point I had that large group of friends I've told you all about, yet it was still early on.  So people somewhat knew who I was basically because I had this while posse following me around, and I was a cute goth lesbian.

Enter Naomi.  I was in the library researching something when I first noticed her.  She was at another table pretending to read something, but she spending most of her time peering over her book looking at me.  I might have not noticed her at all (other than to think how hot she was) if she hadn't be so obvious with her stares.  So I decided to mess with her a bit, called her out on it by waving at her.  She was embarrassed but took that a grin and returned the wave.

The door was open; so the next time I was in the library, using the computer for something, Naomi took the computer next to me.  She gave that grin at me again, but tried to play it cool while she checked her email.  I thought she was really cute, so I was sort of smiling to myself, all happy that she was being friendly to me.  

After I had finished with the computer I went to a table to do more research.  Naomi quickly followed me, taking a seat at the table I was sitting at.  She looked nervous, but she couldn't keep her eyes off me.  Finally she couldn't take it and started up some small talk about classes.  I was friendly back and soon the conversation starting going all over the place as we got to know each other.  She loosened up and became really bubbly while we talked.

After that day, Naomi would pop up randomly where ever I was.  This wasn't really a concern to me, as like I said, I was pretty keen on her.  BUT I was being cautious.  By this point I had been burned by some straight girls before, so I was careful when girls flirt with me.  (Ask me about Megan later)  Naomi could have just been curious or naturally flirtatious.  I didn't want to get my hopes up only to be screwed over.  So when she showed up and started hitting on me more and more, I didn't really mind... at first.

Soon those around me started noticing this.  Naomi never really showed up at regular times, or even attempted to hang out with the group.  She seemed to come out of no where, and always wanted to be alone with me.  The group joked around about her being a stalker, which I thought was funny but inaccurate.  I was wrong.

Somehow Naomi seemed to know my class schedule.   In order to spend more alone time with me, she'd be waiting for me outside of classes.  She never really stuck around long, as I usually was going to another class or going to my friends, she just walked me to places and would get her flirting in there.  Then I noticed she seemed to know when I was away from my friends in the library or other places... you know waiting for a class or doing homework.  I had some spots in the school I liked to go to be alone.  She knew about all of those.  

By now I was getting a bit concerned, but she seemed harmless.  I felt that she probably was anti-social or shy, but really liked me so was trying to find time to be with me.  Truth be known, I was clouded by my attraction to her, that I didn't want to think badly of her, even if she was starting to creep me out by already being in places I was going too.

Things changed when she started showing up in places I went to outside of school.  If you remember from previous stories, I wasn't really as wild as people thought I was.  I normally either went home after school, or to a public park near the school, a comic shop, or the game store.  Back then I didn't have geek friends, so I generally was alone or with my sister while doing these things.  No one knew about these hangouts except for my family... yet there Naomi was.  

I was beginning to feel weirded out now, as Naomi played off that she liked comics and games, or else that she just happened to take a walk to the park at the exact time I did.  It was pretty obvious she followed me and was pretending to be into what I was.  April was starting to get worried.  She pointed out that it's not normal to follow someone around, something I was pretending wasn't true.  I didn't really see it that clearly until she pointed it out.

So one day she was at the park I was telling you about, waiting for me.  Once again, this was an unannounced thing.  I had just gotten through with a conversation with April where she was telling me she was worried about Naomi again, so I was feeling more freaked out than normal.  So I confronted her.

She admitted to me that she had been following me around, but was playing it off as something innocent.  I might have bought it until she accidentally let slip that she skipped classes sometimes to match my schedule.  That put me on guard.  I asked her why she wanted to see me so often to which she replied that she was hoping I'd ask her out.  It was sweet in a way, but she literally was rearranging her whole life and personality to match mine.

I told her that I wasn't dating anyone at the moment, and was taking a break from being in a relationship.  I thought it would make her back off, but also keep a door open should she mellow out.  I really was interested in her, but now I was having doubts on who she really was and if she was customizing herself to be my type.  I thought what I said was reasonable, that being friends first was okay... but I guess it wasn't for her.  

This was when things got weird.  She got angry with me and said I was rejecting her because she was black.  It came completely out of no where.  I really didn't know how to argue that as it was the first and only time someone called me a racist and wasn't joking around.  Add to the fact that I was putting up with all the creepiness because I thought she was so hot, I was confused.  

I told her this wasn't the case, but she kept on this argument hardcore.  She said I avoided eye contact with her (which yeah I did because I was shy and a hot girl was paying attention to me), tried to hide from her (I was going to places to be alone from everyone not just her), and that I didn't want her to meet my friends and family (mainly because she'd disappear whenever someone else showed up). I pointed out my side of things and she got mad that I was turning it back on her.  

Then she ended all off by saying the strangest thing ever: "Stop playing the victim.  You might be a racist, but I'm still in love with you."  What?  That's an actual quote.  First off... she's in love with me?  Love?  Second, how was I playing the victim and being racist?  I couldn't wrap my mind around it.  I told her she was scaring me.  I guess she could tell she went to far as she backed off a bit.  She told me that maybe she got a little too upset, so she'd leave me alone.  

I thought/hoped that was the case.  The next day came around, and she was acting like nothing had happened.  She forgot that she said she was in love with me and that I was a racist.  I don't know about you, but that's something hard for me to forget.  I was really creeped out by her now.  The next week that followed she continued following me around.  Occasionally we'd get into it again.  She stopped calling me a racist, as I guess she saw that it really bothered me, but she still acted like I was wronging her, leading her on.  

By now I was giving heavy hints that I didn't want to be around her anymore.  She could go from one extreme to the other.  No matter how hot she was, I was freaked out now.  I started avoiding my usual haunts and tried to be unpredictable on where I was going.  So Naomi had little choice but to find me when people were around.  You would have thought that would have toned her down.  Nope.  She'd go from hitting on me to berating me.  It was getting out of hand.

Finally all this ended with April.  Naomi came over to me in the student center and innocently started on about how we should go see a movie that weekend.  I must have tensed up because April just flipped out.  She's tall and threatening when she wants to be, and she basically scared the shit out of Naomi.  She told her to leave me alone, and that if she didn't she'd kick her ass.  Naomi ran off and that was that.   I spoke to her one other time.  She said that April was a bitch and that she wouldn't talk to me ever again because I allowed April to treat her that way.  This time she stuck to her word.  I would see her occasionally after that, but she returned to just looking at me over books or around corners.  Eventually she moved on.

I have NO clue what was going on with that girl.  I've looked back countless times trying to see if I said or did anything that made Naomi feel those things.  But the only thing I was doing was shyly accepting flirtations.  The racist part I can't figure out at all as even Naomi knew I hung out with a multi-cultural group of people.  So I don't know.  I often wonder whatever became of her.  Did she find someone to love, or did she drive them all away.  Who knows?

Naomi at the Beach by Glee-chan

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