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Christina Marie Lacey
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United States

I don't do Commissions. My art isn't good enough to ask for money.

I don't do Art-Trades because anything I want drawn I can draw myself.

I don't do Requests because I got tired of getting fanservice/OC requests.

Valor Girl support stamp by Scintillant-H

Other people's art were starting to taking more of my time, when I wanted to do pictures of my own. SO I've stopped doing art for other people -- for the most part.

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1. You have to post ALL the RULES
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked and then create twelve of your own to tag other users to reply
3. Choose 12 victims to tag, and legitimately tag them.  No "I don't do tags".
4. Tag backs are TOTALLY ALLOWED
5. You must do in a journal entry
6. If you don't want to do it, then don't bitches.


1. Do you prefer simply comic/manga style or somethin' more realistic?
I'm more comfortable with comic/manga style.

2. Are you optimistic, realistic or pessimistic?
I'm a realist in regards to real life.  I have way too much common sense for my own good.

3. Do you like Space Art?

4. Can you tell me how many OC's do you have, their names and who they are?
In just my literature universe alone it's well over 100.  You really don't want that big of a list, do you?

5. What operating system do you use?
I'm working on a 9 year old iMac... with CS4 as my art program... yeah.  I draw with a mouse, folks!

6. Can you describe yourself using 3 words?
Perverted Lesbian Artist.

7. ... Do you like number 7? XD
She's okay, but I wouldn't say she's my favorite character.  I think I like Tuvok the best from that show.

8. What do you like to do the most? 
When I'm in the zone, writing.  Drawing comes naturally to me, like eating.  So I don't really consider it a hobby.  It's just something I do in order to live.

9. What's yer favourite thing to drink?
Root Beer, mother fucker

10. Are you tired today too?
Kinda of.  I had a busy day.  I'm not so tired that I won't travel the 40 minutes to my GF's house though...

11. Do you believe in Illuminati and a freemasonry?
They exist, even if the conspiracy theories surrounding them might not.  The fact that they are around and still operate in secret says something.

12. Would you like to meet some aliens in the future? XD
Depends if they are sexy or not.



My questions:

1. Did you ever lose yourself to get what you want?
2. Did you ever get on a ride and want to get off?
3. Did you ever push away the ones you should've held close?
4. Did you ever let go?
5. Did you ever not know?
6. How do you know if there's a path worth taking?
7. Should you question every move you make?
8. Did you ever doubt your dream will ever come true? 
9. Did you ever blame the world and never blame you?
10. Will you ever try and live a lie again?
11. Are you the type of guy who means what you say?
12. Does anyone know what I'm referencing? XD

Have fun.  ^.^

  • Listening to: Ready to Roll - Jet Black Stare
  • Reading: The Greek Myths by Robin Waterfield
  • Watching: Ohranger (Super Sentai)
  • Playing: Tales of Berseria, SAO: Lost Song, Divinity
  • Eating: Wheat Thins w/ BBQ Pork
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper


Seriously, this game is addicting.  Basically, you think of an actor or character and it guess who you're thinking of after asking questions.  Sometimes I'm a bit obscure for it, but it's right a lot of the time.
Ugh.  dA with another visual overall.  How about fixing the abuse of your reporting system first, assclowns.
Thank you so much to everyone who sent me a Valentine!  (Especially to daredevinho, who sent me multiple Valentines)  It's nice to be loved, so thank you all.
So some "white knight" named Varangue announced to me that he was going to report Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem on  He threatened that if I didn't change the story (all 31 chapters) or delete it, he would see to it that would be removed.

Below is the link to our savior's FF profile page... for research reasons?

Don't worry.  I have the story posted on Archive of Our Own, but if you are reading it on FF, this is just a heads up.  If you want to make sure to finish the HP story on AO3, the link is below:…
WIP of Titans Arabian Knights Party.

Since “Robin’s Harem” got deleted from deviantArt, people have been asking if I was going to make a new picture as a protest.  At first I wasn't going to since the original wasn’t even against the rules but still got deleted.  Then I thought “what if the picture is a ‘costume party?’”…

So here we are.  This took 2 days!   I haven’t drawn the background, throne, and oriental rugs yet, but the hard part is done.  I’m still unsure if Monkey Beast Bitch and Djinn Cyborg are going to be in the final, but I drew them anyway.  I figure if they are there it seems less obvious that this is a fucking harem.

I don’t know.  It’s 4AM and my brain is half asleep.  What do you think?

For the girls: Do you watch Porn? (we already know the answer for the guys) 

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72 deviants said Yes.
35 deviants said No.



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Ugh.  dA with another visual overall.  How about fixing the abuse of your reporting system first, assclowns.
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Clip from new Titans movie. They're doing Judas Contract:
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