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Part II
Chapter Nineteen:  The Caught Skirt

After the events of the opening weeks of the school year, Satoshi Okada felt extremely drained and welcoming the upcoming Summer break.  His work in the classroom was the least of his worries, he was near top of the class, and he wasn't worried about getting and losing friends anymore due to his past.  He had already made a good enough name for himself that he now felt secure in that area of his life.  But it was the devastating news that his first love would never love him the way he wished for that broke him.  Not only that, but he had to watch her be in a relationship with the very a girl that had forced upon him to be his best friend.  As the weeks went on, there was no denying that Natsume Murasaki and Yuriko Kitamura were deeply in love, and all he could do was watch from afar.  
All of that would have been bad enough, but Satoshi had another problem.  The person he truly felt a close friendship towards, Yuriko's twin sister Yumiko, had admitted that she had feelings for him.  Ever since then, they had been awkward around each other.  She was a special person to him, and he hated that they couldn't be like they were before.  He worked along side of her every night at her family grocery store, Kitamura Foods, and every night she had been treating him with a shy distance.  He was a big fan of shyness when it came to girls, but when it was Yumiko acting that way, he didn't like it at all.
Satoshi looked up.  He had been buried in his own thoughts and had lost track of time.  During his life review of the past few weeks, he hadn't realized that school ended and most of the students were already gone.  The voice calling him was Ayane Tsubaki.  She had an armful of books in her hand, and was standing awkwardly by her desk.
"What is it?"  Satoshi asked, watching her stand on the tips of her toes.  Her legs looked strained as if she had been doing this for a while.  "What's wrong with you?"
"Come over here."  She gave him an urgent look, her face slightly pinker than usual.
Dragging himself from his seat he walked over to her desk.  Once he got closer he saw the problem.  Somehow Ayane had caught her skirt on the back of her seat.  If she moved her skirt would raise completely.  However, since she had a pile of books in her hands she couldn't fix it.  Satoshi gave her a playful smirk.
"You could just drop you books, you know."
"Shut up and unhook my skirt, will you?"  Ayane blushed.
Satoshi wondered why she hadn't asked him to hold her books instead.  Asking a boy to unhook her skirt would be more embarrassing.  "I can take the books if you like."
"NO!"  Ayane squeaked.  "Get my skirt, not my books."
Satoshi was now curious and peered at the top book, which was an ordinary Science Text Book.  "It wouldn't be right for me to mess with your skirt.  I could accidentally see something."
"I don't care."  Ayane whispered urgently.  "C'mon hurry up, my legs are killing me."
Sighing, Satoshi set to his task.  It was near impossible not to see Ayane's upper thigh as he was trying to free the skirt.  Soon he realized a problem.  He would have to raise the skirt higher in order to free it.  "How did you manage this?"  He grumbled.  "I can't free you without seeing your panties."
Ayane sighed heavily and looked around, as if doing so would provide an answer.  "How about… what if you picked me up high enough so my skirt will loosen on its own?"
"That's completely ridiculous."  Satoshi pointed out.  "Just give me your stupid books, and I'll turn away.  You can flip the skirt off and be done with it."
Groaning, Ayane shook her head violently.  "I'd rather die before I did that.  Just pick me up, alright?!"
Satoshi saw no choice in the matter.  He got closer to her, wrapped his arms around her, and hoisted her up slowly.  He had to admit to being slightly embarrassed by this.  It wasn't often he was wrapping his arms around the female members of his class.  There were a few exceptions, but on the whole, wasn't going around hugging classmates.  After hoisting her up higher, he tried to see if Ayane was high enough for the skirt to be free but all he could see was her body.  
"Just a bit more."  Ayane spoke with a nervous voice.  "You need to go higher and to the right."
He did as he was told but because of the books and the way he was holding her, she was starting to loose balance.  "Stay still."  He grunted as she propped her books on his head.
"I can't…. we're going to fall!"
"Stay still and we won't"  Satoshi held her tighter.
But she jerked to the left as he was balancing her weight to the right.  At that instant he could tell they were about to topple over.  He let go of the position he had her in and moved in a way to catch her.  Because of the closeness and her clumsiness, the two ended up on the ground.  He fell to the ground first, but had enough wits in mind to catch her, as her books few everywhere.  The ground took the breath out of him, then her landing on top of him took even more out.   When he got his barings, he saw Ayane laying on top of him, with his arms about her, while her poor ripped skirt had been pulled off by the chair and was around her knees.
She quickly rolled off of him and attempted to pull her skirt back up, but only flopped over more.  Satoshi politely turned away as she adjusted herself… but the damage had been done.  He had seen everything.  As she was preoccupied he started gathering her books.  As soon as Ayane became aware of this she leaped on top of him again.
"Don't look at them!"
Satoshi dropped what books he did have on the ground from her attack.  For the second time, Ayane squeaked from embarrassment.  Sliding from in between the pages of her English-Dictionary was a DVD case.  In spite of himself, Satoshi's eyes narrowed onto cover-art.  "Gravure Beach Fun: Collectors Edition?"
Ayane's eyes were wide, as she held her now noticeably ripped skirt up with her hand.  "It's for my brother."  She quickly said.
Satoshi could understand why that would so embarrassing, but to go to the lengths Ayane did to conceal her purchase was just odd.  He already knew she liked questionable ninja-girl films, so he couldn't understand why this was a big deal.  He picked it up,  and saw the box art closer.  The front cover had an swimsuit model wearing a skimpy outfit, the back had her in various sexy positions.  It was a J-Idol movie that bordered on the line of a Pink-Film, or a softcore pornographic movie.   Satoshi swallowed hard, and began to pick up the other books and placed them on her desk.  She watched him with a pale face, holding her skirt in place.  
"What am I?  Catnip for lesbians?"  Satoshi muttered under his breath.  
"I'm not a lesbian."  Ayane spoke loudly.  Satoshi was unsure if she was saying that due to the DVD or if she heard him.  "It's just research… that's all."
"Reseach… got it."  Satoshi stared at her.
"Look, I know you think I'm some kind of pervert, but it's not what you think.  I enjoys models.  It's just something I like.  I even like to buy Idol books and watch their DVDs.  I just think they are fun."  Her face was completely red.  "I'm not a freak, honest!  I just… well… I like to pretend I'm a model too.  Hopefully I'll be one, one day.  The idea of it is just… I guess you believe my secret."
Satoshi rolled his eyes.  He didn't know why Ayane just let loose on him her whole secret fantasy life.  He guessed that being exposed like that just brought it out of her without her even think about it.  Still he didn't want to get into it, so he lamely thought of an excuse to change the subject.  "I've seen worse from Makoto's shoe locker.  I won't tell anyone."
Looking at him in amazement, Ayane's eyes were wide.  "You won't tell?"  It only seemed that it dawned on her then that she just revealed her biggest private fantasies to a practical stranger.  She looked even more mortified than before.
"You should change clothes."  Satoshi ignored her.  "Do you have your gym clothes in your bag?"
Ayane nodded silently, clearly in a daze.  
"I'll stand guard outside the classroom while you change.  When you're done, tell me so I can get my stuff."  
And with that Satoshi made his way to the hall.  As he stood by the door he wondered how a cute girl like Ayane could be secretly want to be an model in the perverted stuff she watched.  She always seemed so down to Earth.  Other than the incident on his date with Natsume, Ayane always seemed like a normal high school girl.  It was really surprising that she collected such smut.  But there was no reason for him to know that kind of thing about his classmate anyway.  He knew about some of the fantasies of his male classmates, but learning those from a girl just seemed wrong.  Especially since he wasn't that close to her to begin with.
Satoshi decided it was best to keep her secret, as he knew that everyone had something to hide about themselves in High School.  He, himself, was secretly an Otaku and was into a bunch of nerdy sci-fi subjects.  He couldn't let on this fact due to his tough-guy image.  And of course there was the big lesbian relationship happening between Natsume and Yuriko that was happening right under everyone's nose.  Ayane's model fetish might even seem tame compared to the big secret kept by those other two.
After a few minutes, the door opened and Ayane peeked out, wearing her gym uniform.  "It's okay to come in Satoshi, I mean… Okada-san."
Satoshi groaned.  Now he was going to have another girl acting weird around him.  He walked into the classroom and went to his desk.  "Look, I didn't see or hear anything.  As far as I'm concerned nothing strange happened…  so treat me normally."
"Liar."  Ayane still looked embarrassed, but for some reason at the same time a bit excited..  "But you are a kind person, Okada-san.  I … I guess I don't mind if you saw my underwear."
Satoshi scratched the back of his head.  "Don't say such stupid things."
"I know you weren't trying to peep…so I'll forgive you."
Satoshi groaned and gathered his books as he headed for the door.  "It's just an accident, that's all."  Satoshi repeated, trying to make it sound more trivial than it was.  "Catch you later, Tsubaki-san.  See you after the break."
"Yes.  Goodbye."
Satoshi left the room, but heard quickening footsteps behind him.  When he turned around he saw Ayane following him.  She still looked embarrassed.  "Okada-san, now that you know about my secret… I feel like I should do something for you.  I just want you to know that… that you can count on me in the future.  Okay?"
"Damn it all…"  Satoshi didn't like the idea of having something to hold over Ayane.  After his experience with Natsume, he would never think of putting someone else through blackmail..  "I told you I won't tell anyone.  And you don't owe me anything."
"If it makes you feel better, think of me seeing your panties as payment, okay?"
Ayane face burned.  "O-Okay."
"I better go.  I need to be a work, so I'll see you after the break."
"Thank you again… Satoshi-san."
As quickly as he could get away from Ayane he did.  The longer she talked to him, the longer she kept digging herself into a bigger hole.  He felt he already learned way more than he wanted to about her.  Her words still stuck his brain, regardless of him trying not to remember them.  She wished she was one of those models on her DVDs… did she wanted to be admired by the perverts who bought them?  Did she really want to be watched like that?  
Deciding this probably was the worst thing in the world for Ayane to be into, as he reached the shoe lockers he went to Makoto's first.  He wondered if his friend had left some of his sick porn inside.  Normally he didn't.  Makoto had a deal with some other boys to exchanged this precious masturbating material like a borrowiing library type of system.  Since they were all underaged, it was easier to get this sort of thing that way.  But it seemed Makoto had left some of his crap behind that day.  
Taking it out she wandered over to Ayane's shoe locker.  He was lucky that he knew which one was hers.  Feeling she needed a dose of reality, he placed the nasty filth into her locker, then quickly retreated to his own.  After changing shoes, he left just as Ayane was coming down the stairs.  He hoped that Makoto's ultra sick hardcore porn would be enough to turn her off of such fantasies.  
"Why am I even worried about it?"  Satoshi groaned aloud.
"Worried about what?"
Satoshi jumped.  Rarely had people startled him since he started Matsukameya High School, as he always was on high alert.  But his mind was understandably preoccupied.  Turning around he saw Natsume and Yuriko, hands around the others waist.  "Oh.  It's just you."
"Just me?"  Natsume smirked.  "I'm hurt."
"You two going to your place then?"
"You don't have to know whatever is or isn't going on with Yu-chan and myself."  Natsume stuck out her tongue playful.
"Right…"  Satoshi smarted.  It still felt awkward thinking about his first love being attached to his ex-girlfriend.
Yuriko looked her usual shy self, but seemed to notice his discomfort.  She pulled away from the affectionate embrace she shared with Natsume, and attempted to change the subject.  "Are you going to work, Satoshi-san?"
Satoshi nodded, feeling butterfly fly around inside of him.  
"Satoshi-san… I know I have no right to ask you this but… could you please… um… be nicer to my sister?"  Yuriko looked down at her feet.
This definitely was a subject change he didn't expect.  The fact was that he felt he was being as nice to her as he could be, given the circumstances.  "I'm treating her the same why she treats me."
Natsume sniffed objectively.  "Right.  Don't you think you should let up on the tough guy act around her?  You know how she feels about you."
"And you don't have any say in whatever is or isn't going on with Yumiko-san and myself."  Satoshi repeated coldly.
"Point taken, jackass."  Natsume laughed slightly.  
Yuriko sighed.  "I know all of this has been hard on you… and her… but… but I'd hate for my happiness to be the reason why you two can't mend things."
"It has nothing to do with you, Yu-chan."  Natsume voiced what Satoshi was thinking.  "It's all on them now."
"We both said we accept you two being together… but mending what we had is a whole different matter."  Satoshi blurted out.  "After a confession, you can't just go back to how things were."
"I know but…"  Yuriko looked helpless.  "I just want everyone to be happy."
"Don't worry about it Yuriko-chan…erm…. Yuriko-san."  Satoshi corrected himself.  "Whatever happens is between us.  We won't take it out on you…. or Murasaki-san"
Natsume suddenly jumped on his back and started ruffling his hair.  "Damn right, punk, and stop calling me Murasaki."
"Get off!"  Satoshi shook her off as he had become accustom to doing now that he had it down to an art.  "Don't you have a girlfriend now?"
"Yeah, but if I jumped on her back, we'd both end up on the pavement."
Yuriko was the first to laugh at that, and Natsume joined her.  Satoshi wanted to join them, but the most he could muster was a small smile from the joke.  He just wasn't in a jovial mood… which wasn't an usually thing for him.
"Well it's about time you get to work."  Natsume walked back to Yuriko and grabbed her hand.  "And about time I get tutored for World History."
Satoshi saw how embarrassed Yuriko was by that statement, but also noticed she had a small smile spreading on her lips.  It annoyed him slightly that Natsume could make her so happy.  He knew it was wrong of him, but in the end he knew it was true.  Giving them a wave, he turned his back on them and started for Kitamura's Food.  Natsume called a sing-songy 'Goodbye Saku-chan' which he pretended he didn't hear.  Whether he liked it or not, Yuriko was happy with Natsume, and he had decided to support them.  As long as Yuriko was happy, he'd have to be content with that.
This is an original story I'm working on called "High School Sweetheart", and featured here is the 19th chapter, "The Caught Skirt". The story is a Romantic Comedy, and deals with First loves in High School. The setting is in Japan, so for help on Japanese Honorifics, please click the [link] . Feel free to comment and to ask any questions

This is the first chapter of Part II.

Chapter Eighteen: The Worst Person In The World
Chapter Twenty: The Announcement

Please forgive my Grammar!
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