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Rejected Hero by Glee-chan Rejected Hero by Glee-chan
When I was coming up for designs for my super hero Nami (see in the [link] ), I did a bunch of outfits that where mainly inspired from Darna and Wonder Woman. But a lot of them I dropped for one reason or another. The outfit for Iza (see in the [link] ) actually was one of the rejected ones. (Ami's was new after Nami and Iza were finished.) So this is one of the outfits I liked but decided not to do.

Elements of this outfit are in the Nami design, thus are echoed in Iza and Ami. This was the first outfit I used the gems a lot. I thought I'd be clever and have an egyptian symbol for this one instead of the regular shapes I ultimately choose, but the symbol I found out was used by another superhero called Isis, so I dropped that idea. This outfit also was a bit too close to Darna so I thought I'd go with something different. The colors I choose here wasn't what I had in mind when I did it (I had no colors actually) but out of the outfit colors I had experimented with, one of the ones I liked was yellow and black, so I thought I'd represent them here.

Also if you notice, her hair is very similar to my "Hufflepuff Hottness" picture I had done a long time ago. That's because when I was quickly sketching the basic body frame, I chose stalk hair as I didn't know what my heroes hair would look like then.

I think the design is okay, but not good enough for a main character. Probably might be good for a villain who might pop up, who knows. Nevertheless after Iza's design, this was one of my favorites of the rejects, so I thought I'd so you the mother of what would become the Nami design.
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LordDukane Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty :)
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