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Raven sat in Command Center on the couch next to Cyborg and Beast Boy, who were preoccupied with some thrilling  Gamestation 3 game called Soul Fury V that involved tournament fighting in outfits that would bend the laws of reality.  While it was a pointless activity, she wanted the bimbo with the school uniform that Cyborg was playing to defeat the g-string wearing boob monster Beast Boy picked.  Her attention wasn't on who would be the victor in this pointless battle (Raven already knew who would win based on tactics), her eyes were scanning the text of an Ancient Samaritan erotic novel.  She often would complain about how her friends were extremely loud, but she enjoyed being with them never-the-less.  She had gotten used to them.

"Dude you can't do that!  You always beat me with a ring out!"

"It's because you always fall for the same tricks, BB!"  Cyborg laughed.  

"I want a rematch!"  Beast Boy was on the character select screen again.  "This time I'll play my best character!"

"Wasn't Trixie McBust your best?"  Cyborg asked.

Raven lowered her book, glancing at the two.  "Trixie McBust?"

Cyborg grinned but didn't explain.  He stuck with his school girl character.  At the same moment the doors behind them opened but no footsteps where heard.  Raven knew from the lack of noise that it was Starfire.  It wasn't long before the Tamaranean hovered over to their location and was leaning on the back of the couch.

"Friends, what a glorious morning!"

"Good morning, Starfire."  Raven said dryly not looking up from her book.

"You always play the same character, show some variety!"  Beast Boy ignored Starfire's appearance.

"I like how she plays, man!  Just because you suck at all of them, don't take it out on me!"

"I don't suck.  I bet if you played someone else I would totally stomp you!"

"Game on green-bean!"  Cyborg went to the character select.

Starfire raised her arm in victory.  "This time you shall be victorious Beast Boy."

"He doesn't stand a chance, Star."  Cyborg grinned, picking some Ninja girl who's only stealthy coverings were on her face.

"Earth fashion is strange, no?"  Starfire asked Raven.

"That not Earth Fashion, just the fetishes of some game designer who never had a real girlfriend."  Raven muttered. After saying that, she moaned inwardly.  She had said the magic word: Girlfriend.

Starfire giggled.  "Yes.  I am a girl who is a friend to Robin, and he never asks me to wear such garments."

"If he did, you would."  Raven raised an eyebrow.

"Perhaps."  Starfire thought about it.  "Earthlings have such a dependency on clothing, sometimes I do not understand."

"It's called modesty."  Raven pointed out, glad she had forgotten about the girlfriend topic.  She didn't want to hear about how she and Robin were perfect…again.

"I do not have the modesty."  Starfire mused.  "But Robin likes me just the same.  We are snorgforg for each other."

Raven sighed.  "We're all very happy for you."  She wasn't.  She didn't think Starfire and Robin were that compatible, but she appreciated that they made each other happy.  She thought Starfire had become slightly obsessive about their relationship, but that was only normal with your first love.  Well at least that's what she read in books.  She never really experienced it herself.

Starfire looked around with a big smile.  "Where is Robin?"

Raven knew that was coming the moment Starfire entered the room.  He wasn't around, so she glanced at clock, realizing Robin normally would be awake.  The calendar was just under the clock and she saw the date.  She felt her heart pinch for a slight moment.  She knew where he was.  She lowered her head and pretended to be more interested in her book.

"I haven't seen him."  Beast Boy grunted, as he tapped the buttons on his controller harder than he had too.

"Me either… but its not like I've been paying attention."  Cyborg admitted, casually playing.

"I wonder where he is?"  Starfire placed her hands behind her back.  "Have you seen him Raven?"

Raven was glad Starfire prased the question in that way.  "No, I haven't seen him."

"Hmm."  The Tamaranean's brain started working overtime.  A demanding feat.

"If he's in danger, he'll message us."  Raven quickly said.  "Sometimes people need to be alone."

"He is my Gend'an!  My boy who is my friend!  Why would he want to be separated?  Does he not desire me anymore?"

Raven rubbed her forehead.  Cyborg looked over his shoulder, still playing.  "It's not that… but everyone needs to be by themselves every now and then.  And Robin isn't exactly the most open person in the world.  Whatever it is, he'll be back soon."

"He should be… open with me."  Starfire said meekly.

Before anyone could comment, the lights started flashing red, and the proximity alert sounded within the Tower.  Cyborg paused the game and ran over to he main computer.  "The system says an air vehicle is coming right at us, but I can't see it."

Starfire looked out the window.  "Nor do I!"

"Well the sensors don't lie."  Cyborg gritted his teeth.  "I designed these systems."


"How can someone land on the roof without me knowing it!  There has to be passcodes entered and…"

"Nevermind."  Raven pulled him away.  "Let's get to the roof and find out for ourselves."

As they were leaving Beast Beast complained.  "Man, I was totally winning too."

The team quickly made their way to the roof, where they saw someone dressed in red standing on something that wasn't there deflecting Cyborgs security laser bolts with something on her wrists.  When she saw them, she jumped off, whatever it was, and deflected more lasers.  

"Do you mind?"  She shouted, as she hopped about.

"I don't know who you are, lady, so yes I do!"  Cyborg shouted back.

"Hate to do this then…"  

The girl smiled slightly and then started deflecting the lasers in an aimed direction, at the laser cannons.  One by one they blew up until the girl stood unharmed on the middle of the landing pad.  She gave a small sigh of relief now that the work out was over and walked over to them.  She was about Starfire's size with long black hair, blue eyes, and a red outfit with yellow stars on it.  Her arms were bare only for the silver bracelets on each wrist.

"Hey I know who you are."  Beast Boy pointed in amazement.

"I've heard all about you too, Beast Boy."  The girl smiled.

Cyborg was more interested in the invisible thing she had been standing on.  "Where is your plane?  And how did you land without getting blown up?"

"It's an invisible jet…"  The girl blinked.  "Covered in myst from the eyes of mortals.  I borrowed it from my sister.  Your systems couldn't hit me because it doesn't know it exists."

"And just where do you get tech like that?"  Cyborg growled.


"Okay, this is starting to make me mad, who is this?"  Cyborg pointed at her, and looked at Beast Boy.

"Duh, isn't it obvious?  The bracelets, the invisible jet, and Themyscira.  She's Wonder Woman!"

"Girl… Wonder Girl."  The girl looked annoyed.  "Wonder Woman is my sister and way older than I am!  I'm your age."

"Oh."  Beast Boy looked on the ground.  "Well I was close."

"Greetings Wonder Girl."  Starfire smiled.  "You are welcome in Titan's Tower."

Cyborg grumbled.  "Next time, contact us before you show up unannounced!  Now I have to reset the whole system and repair these laser cannons."

"I did ask you to turn it off."  Wonder Girl smiled coyly.

Raven got to the point.  "You said you knew Beast Boy… is that why you've come?"

"No, I've heard of him before, but I don't know him.  Robin talks about him a lot.  He talks about all of you, actually."  Wonder Girl said with a friendly smile, but then it faded.  "I'm surprised he doesn't talk about me, though."

Starfire's eyes narrowed.  Some other girl had mentioned Robin's name.  "No, he has not told me about the Wonder Girl."

Beast Boy pushed Starfire out of the way.  "Well come on in.  I was just about to beat Cyborg in Soul Fury V, and you're welcome to cheer by my side."

"I have no clue what that is."  Wonder Girl blinked.  "But thank you for the invite."

They all returned to the Command center, where everyone watched Wonder Girl admire Titans Tower.  Raven also was painfully aware of Starfire's slowly developing jealousy on seeing the pretty new girl whom she had not heard of before.  In truth, Raven had known about Wonder Girl through Robin's memories.  But it was something she didn't recall until Wonder Girl had introduced herself.  The longer she was there, the more Raven recalled the memories she had glimpsed from Robin mind, and knew that Wonder Girl was a very close friend.

"You know, come to think of it, Robin had talked about you before."  Cyborg interrupted Raven's thoughts.  "Just didn't go into detail."

"I'm glad he didn't forget me."  Wonder Girl laughed.  "BUT he always did have a problem sharing things.  I had to fight tooth and nail to get him to talk about you guys."

"Just when did you do the battle of fang and claw?"  Starfire asked.

"We team up on some missions occasionally.  Sometimes I visit him in Gotham, or he comes to see me in Gateway City.  Because both of our mentors are part of the Justice League, we've known each other since we started fighting crime."

"I wonder why he didn't ask you to be a Titan."  Cyborg wondered.

"He did…  but Wonder Woman won't allow it…"  Wonder Girl looked slightly depressed.  "She said I'm unprepared to be alone in man's-world without her protection."  On seeing the vacant look on Cyborg's face she explained that she was an Amazon and from an island with no men.  "But I'm older now, and on my own… so maybe sometime soon, if you'll still have me, I can join up."

"That is not for us to decide."  Starfire said a bit to coldly.  

It wasn't lost on Wonder Girl.  "You're the girlfriend, right?"

Raven sighed.  She said 'girlfriend'.  Starfire's mood changed immediately.  "Yes.  We have started the seeing of each other ever since the trouble in Tokyo."

Wonder Girl shrugged.  "Good luck with all of that.  Robin's a complicated guy, I don't envy you."

Starfire didn't seem to know if that was a compliment or not, so she just smiled blankly.  Raven rolled her eyes.  "So today you have come to see Robin, not to join the Titans?"

"Yes."  Wonder Girl's friendly personality turned slightly down.  "I needed to see him… especially today."

Raven blinked and whispered to herself.  "She knows."

"No one knows where he's at."  Cyborg explained walked back over to the couch.  "You can hang around here and wait for him if you want."

"Yeah!  I'm just a few combos away from beating Cyborg into oblivion!"  Beast Boy hoped over the couch and picked up his controller.

"Thank you."  Wonder Girl said automatically, as it was clear her mind was still on the whereabouts of Robin.

Raven glanced at Starfire, who was keeping a firm eye on the new girl.  She needed to talk to Wonder Girl without Starfire butting in.  Reaching out with her mind she tried to look casual as she attempted to communicate telepathically, something she rarely did.  "Ask me to show you where the restroom is.  I can't talk to you with Starfire present."

Wonder Girl jumped, clearly as if a chill when down her spine.  She looked around slightly, then her eyes found Raven's.  She looked questionable at first but when Raven nodded slightly, she knew that Wonder Girl had gotten the message.  She scratched the back of her head, then walked over to her.

"Could you show me where the girls room is?"  She said softly but loud enough for the prying ears of Starfire to hear.

"Sure."  Raven walked over to her book and handed it to Starfire.  "Could you please take this to the library.  I don't think I'll be reading much of it today now that we have a guest."

"I shall, Raven."  Starfire smiled then leaned in closer and whispered.  "You must watch her closely, friend.  I do not trust her."

Raven nodded seriously and watched Starfire float off carrying her book.  Then she lead Wonder Girl to the furthest restroom from the Command Center that wasn't changing floor levels.  Once inside, she shut the door and locked them both inside, then sealed the room with soul-self so no sound came out.

"I'm sorry for being so cryptic, but Starfire is the jealous type."

"I noticed."  Wonder Girl looked slightly annoyed.  "You know where he is don't you?"

"Yes.  And I know why he's gone and why you're here.  He doesn't need Starfire's certain affections on this day.  Maybe tomorrow, but today…"  Raven paused.

"You trust my intentions more than hers?  If you're concerned about him, why didn't you go?"

"I'm not good with… feelings."  Raven admitted.  "The best I could do is just sit there next to him."

Wonder Girl rubbed the back of her neck.  "To be honest, I have no clue if I'm up for it either.  But it's become a tradition.  We talk… we hug… then don't talk."  She looked down.  "It's so sad, but I still think he needs someone."

"Take my hand."  Raven ordered.  

Wonder Girl listened.  Raven surrounded them with her soul-self and both of them slipped into darkness.  She felt Wonder Girl's hand tighten as they were in complete blackness.  When they emerged they were both standing outside Titans Tower near the beach.  She let go of Wonder Girl's hand and watched her amazed face as he looked around.

"In the the city, there is a park.  He's in a section of the park that has a bunch of old statues and next to no one around.  It is in the middle of the city and you can't miss it if you're flying overhead.  You should be able to find him within an half an hour."  Raven told her.

"Thanks." Wonder Girl smiled a sad smile.  "You sure you don't want to come?"

"If I go… who's going to watch Starfire?

Wonder Girl giggled.  "She is a hand full, isn't she?"

Raven nodded, feeling a small smile form on her lips.  "She's sweet, but honestly I don't see what Robin sees in her."

Wonder Girl blushed.  "He likes airhead red haired girls."  


"Trust me, there is another one in Gotham he fancied.  I guess Starfire won."  Wonder Girl shrugged.  "Anyway… thanks a bunch.  Gotta jet."

[end of part I]
A story told through the eyes of Raven. A mysterious girl comes to Titan's Tower in order to seek out Robin, and Starfire, who recently became Robin's girlfriend, is not happy about it.

part II
part III

This fan fiction is based on mostly on the Teen Titans animated show, and a bit on The New Teen Titans and Batman comics. The show was created by Glen Murakami, developed by David Slack, and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. The comic was created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez.
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awesome cant wait to read more:D
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Interesting! Your storytelling is always wonderful!
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Thank you. I like writing but always have trouble actually getting around to finishing ideas I have.
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Vertous Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Student Artist
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