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"Where is she?!?"  Starfire demanded after Raven had returned to the Command Center as slowly as possible.


"The Girl!  Where did she go?"

"The restroom."  Raven told her calmly.

"You did not go in there with her?"  Starfire inquired, her eyes growing big.

"I went in and showed her where everything was."  Raven spoke as if she was volunteering useful information.  "And then I left."

"You did not stay?  Why not?  I asked you to keep an eye on her."

"What did you want me to do?  Watch her pee?"  Raven asked in an annoyed tone.  

Beast Boy stopped playing and turned around, drool dripping from his mouth.

"You come into the room of toilets with me and do not mind."  Starfire inquired.

"That is because we knew each other.  I just met Wonder Girl."

Beast Boy swallowed and stared at them with great interest.  

"She is a girl, you are a girl.  I do not see the problem."  Starfire continued.

"Modesty." Raven repeated from earlier.  "It's called modesty.  We are friends, we don't have to be as modest.  I just met her, so I have to be polite until it is acceptable to be that close."

"You see each other naked?"  Beast Boy asked  in a drone.

Starfire looked at him with an angry expression.  "This does not concern you!"

Cyborg sighed.  "Let it go, B.  It's a girl thing."

"Do not boys see each other in the naked?"  Starfire asked.

"Sure we change in the same room, but we don't look.  That's just gross."  Beast Boy said.

"Boys."  Raven muttered.  

"Back to the point of Wonder Girl."  Starfire returned to her rant.  "She is still in the room of toilets, yes?"

"I don't know."  Raven raised an eyebrow.  "I can check if you want…"

"No, I shall."  Starfire gave her an annoyed look and flew off.

Beast Boy looked at Cyborg, then at Raven.  "I don't know why she's acting all crazy… but if she's going walk in on Wonder Girl in the buff, I so wanna be there."

"You're a pig."  Raven groaned.  As a joke Beast Boy changed into a pig and gave a couple of playful grunts.  No one laughed, as usual.

After a few moments Starfire returned.  "She is not in there!"

Cyborg groaned as he stood up and walked over to the computer.  "She's not in the tower anymore.  I guess she went to the city to look for Robin."  He just had to say it, Raven planted her face into her palm.

"Then we must also join her."  Starfire said.  "He is our friend as well.  And no narfglob should find Robin without us."

Beast Boy shrugged.  "I still think he's fine.  You guys are going crazy over nothing."

"I'm not the one going crazy."  Raven pointed out, but Starfire didn't get the implication.

Cyborg yawned.  "If you think we should go…"

Raven raised her hand.  "Don't bother.  I'll go with Starfire.  Everyone searching is overkill, especially when there is no signs of trouble."

"But there is trouble."  Starfire narrowed her eyes.  "That girl is alone with Robin!"

"Ohhhhh."  Cyborg finally caught on.  "Someone is jealous!"

"Jealous?"  Starfire blink.  "What is this jealous that you speak of?"

Raven placed on her hood.  "It's a feeling of envy toward another person… in this case you feel that Wonder Girl has something you don't in regards to your relationship to Robin."

Beast Boy blinked.  "Yeah, that.  And I know what else Wonder Girl has that Starfire doesn't!  Did you see her butt?"  He turned into a wolf and howled.  Cyborg snorted a chuckled but still rolled his eye.

"I did indeed see her grebnack."  Starfire sighed.  "She is beautiful, and yet Robin never mentioned her to me."

"Robin didn't talk about her much to anyone."  Cyborg tried to comfort her.  "Big deal.  Spiky-head never talks about his past, or feelings, or anything other than missions and things of the moment."

"He does to me."  Starfire said immediately.  "We are Gend'an, remember!  He tells me lots of the stuff."

"Yeah, but you just started going out."  Beast Boy, now back in human form, pointed out.  "It's going to take a while before he opens up and tells you everything."

"But he can do the opening up to Wonder Girl and not me?"  Starfire's eyes blazed.

"I didn't say that."  Beast Boy quickly said.  "I just said that maybe he hasn't told you everything he knows yet."

Starfire shouted.  "But she knows things about him I do not!  I can not tolerate this!"

"Calm down, girl."  Cyborg walked over to her.  "Jealousy is fine, but acting on it is never a good thing.  When Robin gets back you should talk to him about how you feel."

"No, I shall talk to him NOW!"

"Wait!"  Beast Boy called out, but Starfire had flown out the room and soon was visible out the window, flying to the city.

"This can only end badly."  Raven muttered and glanced at Cyborg.  "Should we go after her?"

"What, and get involved in something like that?  We'll all be in the dog house!"  Beast Boy said, and illustrated this point by changing into a dejected looking hound dog.

"Best we leave well enough along, Rae."  Cyborg agreed.

Raven felt uncomfortable.  A jealous spat was one thing, but not today.  This was not the time for such a thing.  Starfire could really do more harm than she intended and things could end badly between Robin and her.  She didn't want that, even if she felt the two shouldn't be romantically involved.  Today was not the day for this.

"I'm going to take a bath."  Raven lied and started drifted towards the door.

There was a buzzing sound of a fly, then a big metallic clap.  "Oh no you don't, BB…"


Within minutes, Raven was at the park, floating behind a decaying statue out of view.  It was easy enough to spot Robin and Wonder Girl.  Both of them were wearing flaming red and Robin looked like a traffic light.  So she picked her spot, and stayed out of view, keeping a watchful eye for an enraged Tamaranean to fly by.  With her empathic powers she could sense Robin's sadness, and Wonder Girl's concern, even from where she was.  Part of her wanted to join them, but she knew it wasn't her place.
Then she spotted her, the red head was bobbing in and out of trees looking around franticly.  She had found the park quicker than Raven thought she would.  Perhaps Robin had told Starfire more than the girl had thought.  Then after a moment, Starfire had spotted Raven behind a statue.  She floated next to her, her eyes looking down on the scene below them.

"You have found them."

"Yes.  They are just talking."  Raven whispered, even though she didn't have too.

"I shall find out what is it they are speaking of."  Starfire started to drift lower.

Raven grabbed her arm.  "Please, you shouldn't act out on your jealousy like that.  It isn't healthy."

"But… but no girl should be allowed to be with my boy who is a friend.  He is MY boy who is a friend."

"I know that, but he's allowed to have friends.  Just because she's a girl doesn't mean anything.  I'm a girl, and you don't mind if he's with me.  That's because you trust me and him together as friends.  Can't you give Wonder Girl the benefit of the doubt?"  Raven sighed.  She hated talking so much.

Starfire looked ashamed of herself.  "In truth, friend… I do not trust you to be alone with Robin either."  Raven felt a sense of shock, even if she didn't immediately show it.  She should have sensed this from Starfire, but she never had that feeling at all.  "When you are with him, I am nervous.  I do not like you touching him, or him touching you.  And when he laughs at your jokes, I am troubled.  And when you share thoughts, I am angry.  All those things should be only for me, and I pray to X'hal to lower my temper."

Raven felt her cheeks warm slightly from embarrassment.  Starfire made it sound like she and Robin had intimate moments.  Though now that the truth was out in the open, Raven could now see it plainly.  If she touched Robin's shoulder, Starfire would grab his hand.  If Robin complimented her, Starfire would pose or try to do something that would get Robin's attention or approval.  And if she and Robin would have a moment, Starfire would find a way to include herself.  It didn't seem apparent before, but now it was painful obvious.

"Starfire… that's just… wrong."  Raven said in astonishment.

"It is not wrong on Tamaran."  Starfire defended herself.  "A Gend'an is only for the lover, for me.  There are battles, wars even, for the breaking of this truth.  I know that this is not the way of Earthlings, so I do my best not act on this… with you.  I do not know how you feel towards Robin, but you are my good friend, and I hold back my rage.  But I do not know her.  She is talking to my boy without my permission and I can not stand it."

Raven still felt her face glow warm.  Starfire thought that she had feelings for Robin?  Pushing that thought aside for another day, she had to get back to the matter at hand.  "He is not 'your boy'.  On earth everyone is an individual not tied to anyone unless it's a choice.  If you go over there, it will not be a good thing.  He will take offense to it."

"But she…"  Starfire pointed down, then her thoughts were interrupted by the actions Wonder Girl took, who just gave him an hug.  "….She is not allowed to touch!"

Raven looked at Wonder Girl and saw she was hugging Robin, one of her hands in his hair.  A pit hit in her stomach, as she knew what was going to happen next.  She grabbed ahold of Starfire before she could flew off.  "Cool off!"  

"I can not!  She is touching him."

"I hold his hand, and I've hugged him before.  She is touching in the same way."  Raven gritted her teeth trying to keep Starfire still.

"You embraced him before Robin and I were Gend'an… and you are not allowed to touch either!"  Starfire nearly shouted, trying to push Raven off.  "No one is, especially not…. HER!"

The next thing Raven knew, her body was hitting the ground.  Apparently a Starbolt had shot her from the Tamaranean's body and onto the grass.  Slamming her fist on the ground, Raven took to the air again, but it was too late, Starfire was seen.  Both Robin and Wonder Girl were looking at her in shock as she charged with balls of energy around her fists.

"You get away from him this moment!"  

"What?"  Wonder Girl blinked a confused blink, but stood up place one of  her hands in a defensive position.

Robin stood up as well.  "Starfire what's going on?"

Raven floated nearby, wanting to explain the situation to Robin before things got out of hand, but Starfire wouldn't have it.

"You are not allowed to touch."  Starfire pointed at Wonder Girl.

"I didn't?"

"Do not lie, I saw you!"

Wonder Girl looked completely confused.  "I just hugged him?"

"That's what she's mad about."  Raven explained.  "On her planet  no one is allowed to touch someone else's…. mate."

"Mate?"  Wonder Girl and Robin both exclaimed in astonishment.  

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you."  Wonder Girl called out, but failed to realize she was still holding Robin's hand.

"You grimplork zarbnarf!"  

With that she rained down Starbolts on Wonder Girl.  Raven was about to place a soul-self shield around the two, but Wonder Girls bracelets were deflecting the blasts harmlessly away from them.  

"Stop it!"  Wonder Girl shouted.  "Or I'll stop you!"

"You can try but you will fail."

"By Hera…"  Wonder Girl gritted her teeth, jumping into the air.  

The two engaged in a display of aerial hand-to-hand combat, the pride of both their cultures.  Robin ran on the ground underneath them, shouting for them to stop, but both were from warrior cultures and the roar of battle was all they could hear.  Blow after blow was rained upon each of them, both striking, both not gaining the upper hand.  Raven joined Robin's chase, and saw how pale he was.  She could feel his emotions empathically.  Not today, any day but today.

"STOP IT!"  Robin shouted.

"You heard him, stop!"  Wonder Girl shouted, pushing herself away and landing on the ground.

"I will stop you, you ugly spudling!"

"U-Ugly!?!"  Wonder Girl's eye twitched.  The battle resumed with Wonder Girl sinking a fist deep into Starfire jaw, sending her flying backwards.  "Look, chick, I'm not after your man… And don't call me UGLY!"

Starfire was on her feet again.  "I shall call you what I please.  You claim to not want my Robin, yet you embrace him…holding your chest to his."

"Y-You make it sound perverted!"  Wonder Girl stammered.

"Your breasts are of the size of Gorka pipes, it is a perversion!"

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!"  Wonder Girl shouted.  "My boobs are not a perversion you stupid little BIT--"

"Girls, stop it!"  Robin interrupted.

"I can not, Robin.  She is trying to take you from me."

"No she isn't!"  Robin shouted.  "She's just a friend… Like Raven!"

Raven groaned.  Why couldn't he say Wonder Girl was like Cyborg?  "Great."

Starfire screamed and was at Wonder Girl again.  Wonder Girl was not in the friendliest of spirits and was starting to go all out.  The more Starfire bruised her vanity, the more angry Wonder Girl got.  Wonder Girl's lasso was soon out and Starfire was being swung into statues and trees.  Breaking free, Starbolts rained again, only to be deflected.  But the bolts were a diversion as Starfire just opened Wonder Girl up for an uppercut.  

Staggering back Wonder Girl wiped her mouth.  "You jealous little girl… I am not after Robin!  But if it makes you angry, I should just kiss him!"

"You are not permitted!"

"ENOUGH!!!"  Raven shouted, her eyes glowing white as she extended her soul-shield around the two.  "Act like adults… NOW!"
"Do not hold me from battle from the grebneck beast!"  Starfire screamed from her shield.

"I don't know what that means, but you better stop pointing at my butt!"  Wonder Girl pounded on the shield.

"I am not letting you go until you calm down!"  Raven narrowed her eyes at both of them, her voice shaking.  "How could you?  How could both you!"

"Raven?"  Robin's voice was soft.

"You… You should know better… to act like this today of all days."  Raven looked at Wonder Girl.  "And you… acting like this over a hug.  He is your boyfriend, but you can't trust him to be alone with some other girl for a few hours!  Shame on you… Shame on both of you!"

Robin looked down.  "I forgot you knew about today."

Starfire rage left her immediately on seeing Raven being so troubled and Robin's sadness return.  Wonder Girl looked embarrassed from her shield and she slunk down inside hugging her legs.  Raven lowered the shield and walked closer to Robin.  "I tried to stop this… I'm sorry."

"Not your fault."  Robin said stiffly.

Raven turned to the two of them.  "Can I trust that you two won't act like idiots now?"
Starfire nodded.  "I will not act like the idiot anymore."

Wonder Girl looked down.  "Yeah… same."

Raven sniffed, then took off, flying towards Titans Tower.  Her heart beating faster and tears starting to form in her eyes.  She had to meditate.  She had to get rid of these feelings.  She let her guard now, and was grateful that the battle stopped, but her heart was broken.  Why did they have to act like this today?
Starfire goes into a jealous rage when she discovers that Wonder Girl went out to search for Robin and it's up to Raven to try and stop a cat-fight in the making.

part I
part III

This fan fiction is based on mostly on the Teen Titans animated show, and a bit on The New Teen Titans and Batman comics. The show was created by Glen Murakami, developed by David Slack, and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. The comic was created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez.
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